Sunday, October 14, 2012

Luca Turin lecture

There's Luca's TED talk and the lecture he gave at the University of Alaska. Both are on Youtube. While you're there also watch BBC Horizon's A Code In The Nose parts 1 through 4.

I've found another lecture: Follow Your Nose. The webpage is here. Do you want to download the (16.1 MB) mp3 file? Go here. Mind you, the introduction is in German, skip ahead to 2:58 to start with Luca's lecture if it's all gibberish to you. To me it isn't BTW.

For those curious how Bob Wright looked like, click here.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Logitech K310

I bought a new keyboard today. My old keyboard was showing signs of wear so buying a new keyboard was on my mind for some time. Then I saw this: Logitech's K310 washable USB keyboard. Not just a useful feature but it looks cool too, cool for a keyboard anyway. I wanted one. Had to wait some weeks though as it wasn't available yet. Yesterday I saw a local PC shop had two of them in stock. Did a quick to-and-fro this afternoon, took home the last one. Really nice keyboard, feels nice, looks cool. A bit like the wired Apple keyboard. It's a keeper.