Saturday, December 15, 2012

Eau Sauvage 100% Glaçon - Ice Ice Baby

"In 2001 the latest version of Christian Dior Eau Sauvage 100% Glaçon was launched to the wide public flashed with the classic notes of Eau Sauvage, but with stronger and more expressive perception. The bottle design was not changed to show adherence to good traditions."

I bought this one online for a ridiculously small amount of money. Eau Sauvage 100% Glaçon was released in 2001 as a fresher and cooler Eau Sauvage flanker. 100% Glaçon is not part of Dior's Eau Sauvage line up anymore, it was a limited edition. There's surprisingly little information about this flanker to be found online. There are no half decent product pictures anywhere. It's almost as if it didn't exist. Basenotes lists it in its database (two positive reviews) and only has a fuzzy picture of bottle and its box (in what appears to be an icy setting), Fragrantica and PerfumeMaster don't list it at all. lists it but has no product picture (the pictures you can see are mine).
The French glaçon translates to ice cube  in English. Dior chose to call it 100% Cooling Effect for the English speaking markets. The bottle is made from frosted glass to further enhance the ice and cooling effect idea. Looks nice and feels nice in the hand. The bottle is a quite a handful as it's a 200 ml (6.7 oz) one.

How does it smell? Well it opens with a burst of methol and Eau Sauvages usual bitter citrus. The dry down is good old Eau Sauvage as we know it. Lovely. However I detect a small difference in the drydown between this one and my 2012 regular Eau Sauvage. Could it be the oakmoss that the current Eau Sauvage no longer has in its formula?

I bought the last bottle available at Anage Perfumarias too... I couldn't resist it, not for that amount. The one right now on eBay must fetch €99, add €9 to that for shipping. A regular 200 ml bottle of Eau Sauvage costs ~€105 in shops. These two discounted bottles they must have had in stock since 2001, for only €55 per 200 ml bottle including shipping from Portugal, are a bargain in my book.

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