Saturday, September 10, 2011

DE shaver

I recently took up shaving with an old fashioned double edged razor. Why? Using a double edged razor is supposed to give less trouble with ingrown hairs and it's cheaper. Way cheaper. Well you first have to invest in a razor but once you've done that the blades are actually pretty cheap. Much, much cheaper than the average Gillette Fusion cartridge. Even more so if you buy them in a bulk package. A five-bladed Fusion cartridge doesn't last 5 times longer than a single blade.
I bought a Merkur 23C, a three piece razor and some Merkur and Derby blades.
Shaving with a double edged razor is a bit different to shaving with a Gillette Fusion. Whereas with a cartridge razor applying pressure on the razor is essential, with a double edged razor applying presure is something you must not do. You must let the weight of the razor do the work. First shave went without losing any blood. Afterwards some razor burn though. So do I like shaving with a safety razor? I used to shave quickly while showering, now I shave at the bathroom sink. I find it very relaxing. I use a razor blade for three to four shaves, then I replace it with a new one. This means I'm always having a sharp blade and with the low price of razor blades still save money.

Apparently there's a wide variety of razor blades. Names like Gillette and Wilkinson Sword are familiar but there's a whole bunch of brands I've never heard of. Which razor blades should I buy? I joined the Badger & Blade community and did some browsing. What it comes down to is this: YMMV. Every body has his preference, and one man's trash is another man's treasure. What I did discover is that the Japanese Feather blades are widely recognised as the sharpest razor blades. Yesterday I bought ten Gillette SuperSilver Platinum hardened blades. Nice blades, they seem to be better than the Merkurs to me, less razor burn. Yesterday I found a good deal on twenty Feather blades on eBay. Let's see if they live up to their promise.
Next purchase will be some old fashioned shaving soap and a brush.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Popular demand works

Hewlett-Packard is breathing new life into its HP-15C calculator. This calculator got discontinued in 1989 and ever since there remained a demand for it. Apparently prices of US$200 to US$400 aren't uncommon for used items.

There's an online petition for bringing back the HP 15C here.  Hewlett-Packard actually listened and decided to issue a limited edition HP-15C, priced at a modest US$99. Good news for HP-15C lovers. Even better news is that the new 15C will be 100 times faster than the original 15C. Will I buy one? No, I can't justify its purchase. I've got a HP-10C and two HP-32SII's. I've got my RPN bases covered so to speak. Let's not even mention my Casio's FX-602P and FX-180P...