Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Dirty English

I took delivery of the bottle of Juicy Couture's Dirty English I ordered. As with my previous orders @ fragrancex.com it took 22 days to get here, but since shipping was free I'm not complaining.

The bottle came without its box, I bought the last boxless tester bottle because I don't care about the box and because it's about 2 euros cheaper.

The bottle is a big chunk of glass and pretty heavy. The cap is adorned with a metal bracelet pattern and a leather lace with two metal charms. It certainly isn't baudruchage but still it looks nice.

What does it smell like? Well I'm down with the flu so the verdict will have to wait until my nostrils have been cleared. What little that I did smell didn't smell bad at all though.

What is baudruchage? See below. Chanel does this on their perfume bottles only. Wow!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Take a whiff of this

Last friday I went to the local Beehive department store to check out a few fragrances. According to Chandler Burr a lot of male fragrances are junk or stripped-down feminine perfumes. There are however a few exceptions. Chandler speaks highly of Juice Couture's Dirty English, Dior's Dior Homme Sport and Hermès' Terre d'Hermès. Marc Jabos' Bang was given a three star rating, not because it smells only so-so but because "Bang has only mediocre tenacity on skin".

Dirty English isn't available in brick & mortar shops in the Netherlands, probably due to regional marketing. Word has it it's been discontinued. The other three however were available. I smelled them all and must say that I was pleasantly surprised.

Bang is very nice and unusual at the same time. I smell pepper, and lots of it! Unusual but I like its smell. Something different for a change. The bottle looks nice but is awkward to handle due to it's dented shape. Next time remember that form follows function Marc. Mental note to self: remember to buy a bottle at a later date.

Dior Homme Sport indeed smells like ginger (as Chandler Burr pointed out), very fresh, light and cool. Proof that not all male fragrances need a (heavy) citrus opening. I like this one very much. This one would be a great fragrance for spring & summer. Nice bottle design BTW.

Terre d'Hermès is not as fresh, cool and light as Dior Homme Sport, somewhat heavier/warmer. But still it's delicate and very luxurious. It's a wonderful fragrance, it smells divine IMO. My 8 y.o. daughter liked this one best.

I took the paper blotters home with me and today Terre d'Hermès still smells so nice. I ordered a cute 12.5 ml bottle of Terre d'Hermès perfume for very little money which I received in the mail today (tuesday).

FYI, here's Chandler Burr's rating system:

(0) Do not inhale
(*) Inoffensive
(**) Eminently sniffable
(***) Breathtaking
(****) Total nose job
(*****) Transcendent

Remember: de gustibus non est disputandum!