Friday, May 20, 2011


Browsing through iTunes I came across a glaring omission... Sparks! Where the hell is Propaganda? Why didn't I rip it? I have the 1994 re-issue on CD. My dad bought the LP in 1974. Back then I didn't have a clue what Russell Mael was singing about. The music was great, and Ron Mael was a really weird guy.

Propaganda is a classic album, cover art included. Might be an acquired taste in this day and age though. Wanna buy the music? Search the bargain bins!

I'm off to bed. Propaganda is ripped and on my iPod. Now I can sleep peacefully.

Monday, May 2, 2011

SWR WM12 modified

My SWR WM12 has served me well over the years. Being made in 1996 means she's getting a bit old. This means that her electrolytic capacitors in particular aren't in the same state as when new. Electrolytic capacitors tend to dry out over time. As this is a bass amp it needs to be able to supply a bit of oomph when it's called for. Therefore I ordered two 10000µF electrolytic capacitors to replace the two stock 4700µF ones with. The 10000µF caps are too large to fit in the allocated space on the PCB, I glued the new caps to the amp chassis and ran some wires to and fro. For good measure I added two 100nF film caps in parallel to the new 10000µF caps. Does it still work? Yes. Does it sound better? It appears to be more punchy. Mission accomplished.