Monday, February 28, 2011


It was my birthday yesterday. Got a black iPod Classic for it. That's 160 GB of music storage heaven. I copied the contents of my iTunes library to the iPod, which took a bit of time. Now there's 123 GB still free. Will I ever fill it to the brim? I doubt it. Whatever, the thought of walking around with the entire contents of your CD case in a small metal box is very comforting.

I also copied some YouTube videos onto it. I found a really cool one of Herbie Hancock with band.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Back from the brick

I was flashing new fimwares into my WRT54GL when all of sudden I get the following message: Error writing to MTD device. Error!? Uh-oh...


  • a fast flashing power-on LED
  • router completely unresponsive

I had what's called a brick. Oops!

With the help of the original Linksys firmware, a TFTP tool, a DD-WRT firmware, Tomato 1.28 and my neighbours wide open WiFi I'm now back from the brink. Currently running Tomato 1.28 after I discovered that Tomato RAF v1.28.8515 _RAF ND Std didn't apply the ad-blocking script properly.

Lessons learned:

  • don't fool around with different firmwares too much
  • de-bricking a WRT54GL isn't very difficult
  • de-bricking beats buying a new router!

I think I'm gonna build a JTAG cable, for even bigger problematic situations, just to be sure.

Cheap Chinese Cap Spills Guts

This is part of a 7600GT AGP (yes!) graphics card. So much for cheap electronic parts. Still not sure if I'll attempt to replace the cap -and the one right next to it too for good measure- with an equivalent Panasonic FC.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I just lost 350 days of uptime on my WRT54GL router... I was tinkering with the ad blocking script that runs on it and that caused the WRT54GL to run out out of free memory. Bugger. Ah well, it gave me the opportunity to install Tomato 1.28 while I was at it.

I've been looking at a new router recently. Currently my WRT54GL is stretched to its WAN-to-LAN speed capability. With more bandwidth coming this year I need a new router to profit from it. The new router is likely gonna be a Linksys-Cisco WRT160NL that's also running Linux software. Unfortunately it will not run the Tomato firmware. Tomato development doesn't include newer N-draft routers. Luckily there's still DD-WRT that's still actively developed.